Greg Haughey

Kalar Pattar, Himalayas, Nepal


Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2009

I participated in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race with the Canberra Ocean Racing Club on their 44 foot Bavaria yacht Namadgi. I was fortunate to be farewelled by two of my daughters from Canberra and my sister and mother from Perth.

The yachts got off to a good start on Boxing Day with 20-25 knot southerly winds and heavy seas but after the first day the weather settled down to winds of less than 10 knots gradually dropping away to around 5 knots for the Bass Strait crossing. The winds did not pick up again until part way down the East Tasmanian coast. During the light wind period various innovative sail combinations were tried including gossamer sails and poling the headsail. Even with maximum sail we only made 2 to 3 knots for much of this time. Winds of 15 -20 knots greeted us at the entrance to Storm Bay but dropped off to 5 -10 knots as we approached Constitution Dock.  The entire trip taking 4 days 16 hours 12 minutes and 50 seconds with Namadgi arriving at around 10 am on New Years’ eve. Ample time to watch the fireworks that night.

We were met on arrival by our partners and the Boag’s man with our complementary case of Boag’s. Needless to say the Boag’s was quickly attacked by the crew who had not drunk any alcohol for 4 days.